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Mold Inspection Services

Why is a mold inspection important?

Whether you are buying a home, worried about signs of potential mold growth, or just want the peace of mind that you have the indoor air quality that you deserve, a professional mold inspection is needed to identify if there are any water intrusions, elevated moisture levels, or excess relative humidity that can cause odors or condensation.

At FixMold, we provide an in-depth mold inspection of your property, whether that is a home, apartment, office, house of worship, school, or a hospital(s). Mold inspections are conducted by trained and licensed mold technicians who know where to look, and what tools to use and are adept at identifying where the original source of the issue occurred.

Inspection Procedure

Mold Assessment

Through a unique combination of engineering, advanced diagnostic methods and technology.

First and foremost, a visual inspection is needed to identify the severity of the moisture and humidity. Even if no mold is visibly present, we have advanced technology and methods to help us identify whether mold is present in areas out of sight, such as behind drywall, under floorboards, attics, and crawl spaces, or in the central a/c unit(s) ductwork.

Upon completing our investigation, our mold technicians will share their findings with you and identify possible areas of concern. As Florida's mold inspection company, we have Wi-Fi-integrated tools that allow our professional mold inspection team to share data with our technicians, project managers, and customers in real time in order to complete an in-depth mold inspection report. With the help of our licensed technicians identifying the source, you can get rid of mold fast and correctly.

Our mold inspection will document if mold was found at your property, either visually or digitally, along with the results of the samples sent to a third-party lab, should they be necessary due to underlying health concerns.

Our senior project manager will work with you upon completion of the mold inspection report to go over detailed photos and instrument readings documenting the findings and lay out the best method for removing mold from your property.

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Questions? You’re covered.

If you are observing signs of discoloration, have allergies, or start noticing a musty smell, It is essential to hire a certified mold removal specialist. FixMold practices what its name stands for. As a mold inspection company, we help you get rid of mold quickly and easily while underlying the source of the issue and giving you property recommendations in order for the fungus not to return.

We have a signature protocol to identify mold problems accurately and recommend appropriate treatment and prevention methods accordingly. Our mold inspection company has all the resources and equipment to access the parts of your property which are not accessible or able to be viewed with our advanced technology. Once your property is inspected for mold, we will provide accurate recommendations to address the problem permanently.

  • Certified mold removal and inspection team
  • Use of advanced mold inspection tools and techniques
  • Professional moisture and mold detection
  • Innovative mold inspection protocol

Hire Our Expert Mold Inspection Team Now!

At FixMold, we have a signature 10-step process that focuses our mold inspection on identifying the source of the issue. When there is water damage due to a flood, leak, or other natural disasters, we can assess the water damage, determine whether mold is present, and offer the best solutions to restore the house or workplace to the correct indoor air quality it deserves.

Our trained team of technicians focuses on high-end moisture sources using this cutting-edge, non-invasive technology, which helps them more precisely plan testing and sample investigations. This will then enable us to draw the causes of mold and offer suggestions for mold removal and prevention. Get in touch now to speak with a licensed professional to guide you on which services you may need.