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Crawl Space And Attic Cleaning

Professional Crawl Space and Attic Cleaning

Crawl Space & Attic Cleaning

Through a unique combination of engineering, advanced diagnostic methods and technology.

Why is crawl space and attic cleaning important?

Most attics are neither insulated nor receive the proper ventilation needed to lower temperatures. Soffits, which were added early on to Florida building codes allow cooler open areas from under the eaves of roofs to enter the attic space with the intention of cooling down the attic, often it does not suffice in regards to proper attic ventilation and temperature control; in many cases, the soffits are often blocked by insulation that was installed at a later time. It is also very common to see evidence of animals, such as rodents, going through soffits and chewing away at the duct system, disrupting any chance your attic has in a cooler environment.

During periods of extended sunshine, which are common in the South Florida region, attics can reach temperatures greater than 130º Fahrenheit. When hot, stagnant air comes into contact with surfaces that are receiving constant cooling, there is a high likelihood for condensation and moisture to accumulate. Moisture is one of the components necessary for mold growth, along with surfaces made of organic materials for the mold to feed off. Many attics and crawl spaces are not finished and have exposed wood, creating an environment favorable for mold growth. Crawl space issues are similar to those of attic spaces, but the main difference is that there is excess moisture build-up in crawl spaces as opposed to the scorching hot temperatures that attics can reach. Unfortunately, many homes do not have protective barriers between crawl spaces and the flooring and support beams. This can lead to support beams and flooring warping over time. Mold growth in the crawl space can further expedite the deteriorating structural integrity by eating away at support beams and chipping away at the concrete foundation of your home. FixMold will work with you to identify if mold is present in your attic or crawl space. Even if mold is not present, FixMold will work with you to identify preventative measures to make your attic and crawlspace less favorable for mold growth, such as the installation of certain fan vents to reduce stagnant air or treating exposed surfaces to prevent future mold growth and moisture accumulation.

Questions about mold remediation?

  • Every case is different. But typically, if mold is already visible, lab samples are not needed. However, if our office or managing technician receives information that anyone in a residence may be suffering from mold-related ailments or is at higher risk for developing complications from mold exposure, we would recommend taking a sample to understand the type of mold that may be found in your home and if the mold may be a cause of said ailments.
  • Another scenario where mold samples would be taken is during real estate transactions. Mold samples help provide clearance or identify if there is a mold-related issue for potential buyers or sellers.
  • When our mold technicians take surface and air samples, they are always sent to a third-party, independent laboratory. We will always share with you the results of the samples sent to the lab, walk you through any areas of concern and work with you to rectify those concerns.

At this time, there are no standard levels of tolerable or acceptable levels of mold present in your home. If we take samples at your residence, our mold technicians will take the time to walk you through the lab results and explain the findings. Our goal at FixMold is to make sure that your home is safe to inhabit. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and will never misconstrue or misinterpret third-party, independent lab results in our favor.