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AC Filters and Air Purifiers

Professional Filtration

Air Filtration

Through a unique combination of engineering, advanced diagnostic methods and technology.

Why is a air filtration important?

Whether our mold assessment found mold in your home or you just would like to improve your home’s indoor air quality, our air filtration service can lead to a noticeable decrease in unwanted odors, airborne contaminants, or debris from recent construction such as fiberglass particles in your home. Below are some of the tools that we use during our air filtration process to effectively complete the task at hand: HEPA Air Scrubbers, which can exchange the air in your home up to six times per hour. Depending on the task at hand, we may bring in additional HEPA Air Scrubbers to increase the air exchange rate as needed.

Hydroxyl Generators, a device that uses UV-C to remove odors, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and bacteria particles from the air. They work by extracting hydrogen atoms, thereby dismantling the molecular structure of odors and VOCs. They also use the same UV broad range as the sun to naturally clean and deodorize indoor environments. They are about a million times more reactive than Ozone, which also produces oxidizing gasses that break apart odor molecules. Hydroxyl is safe for humans, plants, and animals.

Questions? You’re covered.

Even if mold is not visible, when a musty odor is present and persistent in your home, it can be a sign of mold growth. If you have experienced a water leak recently or persistent exposure to high humidity in your home, there is a strong likelihood that those areas exposed have become environments highly conducive to mold growth. It is important to have a mold assessment completed if any clues or factors of mold growth are apparent in your home.